As the last release before we close out 2016, and the second release of the Widen Collective this month, we've added new cropping and call-to-action functionality to the Portals feature and made a few additional updates to the Collective and the API. We hope you have a great end to your year!

New in Portals (Early Release)

Crop Banner Images

When you choose an image for banner sections for any portal type, you’ll have the option to crop the image in order to best customize its location in the banner. Crop it any number of times to get the perfect image.

To crop an image for a banner, search for and select it from the banner section, then click Select and Crop. When the full-size image displays, define the aspect ratio by dragging the cropper tool from anywhere in the image. For best results, use an image that’s at least 2048 pixels wide by 512 pixels high. Click Save and the cropped image will drop into the banner section.

Add Call to Action Buttons

You can now add a call to action button to portal banners to direct users to an order form to purchase additional products, for example. Choose the label and URL the button should go to, as well as button and text colors.

Other Updates and Resolved Issues

  • You’ll see improved performance when search results with more than a half million assets and over 40 refine search filters are returned.

  • The issue with alternate previews not updating on the Asset Details page has been resolved.

  • The issue with Document View - PDF share links downloading the original file format rather than displaying the PDF has been resolved.

REST API Updates

  • A new endpoint to upload alternate previews via the API is now available.

  • The issue with not all metadata being returned has been resolved.