Work requests are submitted via work request forms in Workflow. To submit work requests, you'll need the Submit project requests permission for the Workflow app, which allows you to choose a request form and send the request to approvers.

Submit requests

To get started submitting a work request, you'll first submit a work request form. Available work request forms you can submit will display when you request a project. This can be done by clicking Submit request, then selecting the appropriate work request form from the list.

On the form, include a project name, requested due date, reason for the due date, any additional notes, and add any supporting files or deliverable titles and descriptions. Add more deliverables, if needed, then submit the request when you're done!

After your request has been submitted, you'll be taken to the submitted requests page where you can select a submitted project and collaborate with approvers by adding comments or edit the request and resubmit it.

Any projects that have been started display in the Projects  > In progress. From there, click a project's name to see more details about it.

Cancel requests

If you no longer need a project created, simply cancel the request from the page.