Work requests are a way for you as a project manager or project owner to request certain standard information so you have the right direction needed to create projects. Work requests are submitted via work request forms that you can create and customize. (Note that you may or may not have the ability to create work request forms based on the Workflow package purchased.)

On work request forms, you'll define who can submit the form and who can approve requests submitted via the form, as well as permission forms for workgroups or individuals. You can also collaborate with your requesters on the form before request submissions become full projects.

Create work request forms

Work requests are created from the gear icon for the Settings menu. Simply add a form, then add a title, description, and notes for requesters.

Choose who can see projects created from the form (certain people or workgroups) and add requesters and approvers, then preview the form to see how it looks before publishing!

Review and approve work requests

Reviewers can manage work requests that have been submitted from Projects > Requests. See a list of project requests that have been sent to you along with requester's initials, the request status, the date requested, and the project's due date.

Click the request to see more details about it, including a description, any supporting files, and any included deliverables, and to approve or deny it. Once approved, convert the request into an active project.


To create work request forms, you'll need the "Create and update request forms and approve requests" permission. This permission allows you to create, edit, and permission work request forms, as well as to approve and deny submitted work requests.