Each image in a column section in Brand Portals and banner images in all portals can be cropped.

Column section cropping

Crop individual images in column sections using the crop icon. Crop the image, then save it and the updated image will display.

Branner image cropping

Crop banner images for any portal type to best customize the image's location in the banner. Crop it any number of times to get the perfect image. After it’s cropped for the banner, the image is no longer linked to the underlying asset. If the asset version is updated, the banner image still uses the previously cropped file to ensure the layout is correct.

To crop an image for a banner, click Change image and search for assets.

From search results, choose an image, then click Select and Crop.

When the full-size image displays, define the aspect ratio by dragging the cropper tool to your desired location in the image. For best results, use an image that’s at least 2048 px wide x 512 px high.

Click Save and the cropped image will drop into the banner section. Based on the crop size you choose, the banner will automatically change its height and the font size of any included text based on the width of your computer screen or device.