Assets are assigned to metadata types, which define the metadata fields that appear for assets in your Widen Collective site. A metadata type is an array of metadata fields that correspond to different types of assets you want to be searched for in a specific manner. Metadata types are also known as metadata schemas or metadata standards.

During site implementation, your onboarding coach will assist you in defining metadata types and fields based on the types of assets on the site. Choose to have one or many different metadata types based on the types of assets in your site. Example metadata types include product photography, videos, logos, specific group marketing materials, etc.

You can create metadata types at any time - like when new groups of assets are uploaded to your site - from the Metadata Types page in the Admin app.

Here's an example of product photography metadata types along with the metadata field that could be used for the type:

  • Product name (text field)
  • Product number (text field)
  • Photographer (text field)
  • Description (text area)

Here's another example of video metadata types:

  • Location (multi-select palette field)
  • Producer (text field)
  • Language (dropdown list)
  • Description (text area)