We’re kicking off November with the release of version 10.6 of the Widen Collective. This month, you’ll notice updates to portals — made based on feedback you’ve given as part of our Early Release program — as well as improvements and bug fixes in the Widen Collective itself. Read on to learn more!

New in Portals (Early Release)

While portals are automatically saving as you’re creating them, you can now save them yourself (and still preview and share them), giving that extra security that the work you’re doing won’t be lost.


Resolved Portals Issues

  • The issue with users not seeing their portals when going to portals has been resolved.

  • The issue with titles not displaying for collections in portals has been resolved.

  • The issue with the left navigation toolbar not automatically moving down when an assets section is added has been resolved.

  • The issue with alternate previews for images not appearing for portals has been resolved.

Other Updates and Resolved Issues

  • Special characters, including trademarks, copyright symbols, and Chinese characters, can now be used in numerous areas in the Widen Collective, like in filenames, metadata fields, collection titles, email addresses used to register for the site, and more. Chinese characters will now also be included in PDF exports for search results.

  • Any file type can now be added as an attached document to assets.

  • Information from user profiles is now included in Insights chart exports.

  • When users create a site account, if the country field is listed, users can now choose from the list of countries in the dropdown.

  • Refined searches that include more than 15 metadata field filters now load faster.

  • In the mobile app, filenames now wrap so assets easier to find.

  • Metadata fields that display under thumbnails in PDF exports from search results no longer show HTML code.

  • The issue with permissioned metadata fields in advanced searches has been resolved.

  • The issue with Insights charts erroring when your source is “download” has been resolved.

  • The issue with Quick View previews displaying very small when the width of your browser or iframe is narrow has been resolved.