Due to recent changes in China regulation, the original solution (detailed below) that we have been testing is no longer permitted under Chinese law. We are still engaged with Akamai and we are exploring other solutions that may improve performance from mainland China. We should have additional updates available by April 30, 2018. 

The tentative timeline for availability is unknown.


We’re actively investigating the Widen Collective’s performance in the Southeast Asia region, specifically in China.

During our investigation, two issues with performance have been uncovered:

  1. Site navigation does not meet expectations for users as they log in, search, and download assets, and it may take two minutes or longer for pages to load.

  2. Embed codes and share links are not reliable throughout China. These links may work for some users and may not work for others.

We’re examining several paths for establishing more reliable performance in China, including:

  • Investigating establishing data centers in China. We’re working with Amazon Web Services partners in China to understand what is needed. Currently, we're under review for purchasing an Internet Content Provider license, which is required before we can serve data from China.

  • Evaluating other content delivery networks to serve embed codes and share links.

  • Reviewing establishing a data center in the Amazon Web Services Hong Kong region to determine if that will improve performance in China. Our current data center is hosted in North America.

  • Engaging with an outside consultant to understand best practices and to gain knowledge regarding getting established in China.