When you search for assets to add to a portal or when you're viewing a portal, you can see larger previews of assets in Quick View. From Quick View, you can also play a video or see all pages of a document.

From search results or within the portal, select Quick View for the asset you want to see more details on.

Click the arrows to see a larger preview of the next and previous assets.

Display metadata in Quick View

When you have access to a portal and want to see details about assets in the portal, or if you’re a portal creator who wants to ensure your users have all the information they need when they’re looking at assets in portals, you can now choose to display (as a creator) those details in Quick View and see them in the public view (as a user). This can help you understand the details about your assets by making the metadata associated with them visible.

Portal creators can select to display metadata in Quick View in the Live Editor for each asset section in a portal. Metadata fields that are set as “no” or “permissioned” in the Assets app will not display, while permissioned metadata fields will display for portals with security settings that require a login.

When filters are enabled, you can select up to five filter types from the dropdowns. Filter types are listed in alphabetical order.

Public view

When users click to see a larger version of an asset in the public view, file details will display. Metadata displays in real time from the Assets app. That means that if it’s added or deleted in Assets, you will see the most current metadata when they view the asset in the portal. If there’s no metadata available for an asset, you'll see a notification in the file details.

Note that asset groups and asset security are not included in the file details.