Add individual assets to a portal in an assets section. Click Add assets to add an asset section and Add collections to add global or personal collection from the Widen Collective to your portal. (Learn more about adding collections in this article.)

There's no limit to the number of assets that can be added to a portal; however, when there are a large number of assets in a portal, performance and load time of the portal may be slower.

After the asset section is added, search for assets to add to the portal.

Add more assets

If your photographer has taken more images or you've created new documents and need to add them to an existing portal, click Manage for the section, then choose to add more assets. Enter search terms, select the assets you want to add, then click Update when you're done. You can also add a new asset section to the portal then search for assets to add to it.

Pin top assets

If you'd like to rearrange how assets display in the section, click the Manage icon to pin the sort order of assets. Add more assets or pin the top assets, then click Update when you're done!

Remove assets

Remove assets from the section by clicking the Manage icon, then uncheck the ones you want to remove and click Update.