We do offer an integration with Salesforce! With this integration, your sales teams can search for and get the content they need by easily accessing the Widen Collective from within Salesforce. Access sales material, data sheets, product brochures, training videos, and more from one central location when following up with a contact, account, or other opportunity, then share them with a couple clicks.

Each salesperson can download assets they want to share or copy links for those assets and paste them into an email to send to a contact. This ensures that the most current assets are being used, and links are immediately pasted into an email to send. As the Collective admin, you can select the share link that can be shared in Salesforce on the Share Links page in the Admin app.

Track assets that were shared with the Widen Asset Record table. Each asset record has details on which salesperson shared the asset, if it was copied or downloaded, and a link to the Asset Details page in the Collective for quick reference.

With this integration:

  • Improve your sales team’s access to the most current assets in the Collective.

  • Relevant search results display based on data from Salesforce.

  • Use share links in customer emails to ensure they always have the most current assets. Track shares, views, and downloads of those assets using the Insights app.

Launch Salesforce

Before you launch Salesforce, there are a few things to know:

  • You can access the integration via a link to the app from your Salesforce admin.

  • Each salesperson needs their own user account in the Collective and will need to authenticate their Collective account in Salesforce.

  • Initially, only quick search is available in Salesforce. Category, collection, and refine search will be available in the future.

  • Search results will load based on available fields in Salesforce. For example, if you choose the industry field, when the Connector loads in your layout, it will search for the value that is assigned to the industry field for the specific account.


There's a yearly subscription cost for the Salesforce Connector feature. Contact your customer success manager for more information, including pricing, for the Salesforce Connector feature.