Wanting more in portals or Widen Workflow? We’ve got updates to all three, plus a few more changes, in store for you this month with the 10.2 release of Widen Collective. Read on to learn more about what you’ll see in this release.

New in Portals

Portals have received a number of updates to better help share your content with others.

  • Add Collection is now available. Choose to add your global or personal collections to a portal.

    • Previews that display initially for a collection are the same previews that have been selected in Widen Collective for the collection.

    • Collection titles are also the same as those in Widen Collective. However, you can change the collection title for the portal.

    • Search within collections on a portal that’s been shared with you.

  • Allow anyone you share a portal with to download assets from it and choose from different download sizes.

  • Click through portals with multiple pages using the pagination at the bottom of each page.

  • Delete portals you’ve created using the Options menu.

  • Users with active portals cannot be deleted from Widen Collective. You’ll be notified if deleting a user with active portals.

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New in Widen Workflow

You can now see previous versions of proofs in Widen Workflow by clicking View for a proof under the Versions link in the Details panel. You’ll see comments on previous versions, but cannot add or reply to those comments or choose a project status for previous versions.

In addition, when a new version is being uploaded, a preview graphic will display while the proof uploads.

If you’re a project creator, you can now choose to display all projects from the View menu.

Last, if a reviewer clicks from an email to view a proof that has been closed, they will only be allowed to see comments on the proof, not reply to comments, add versions, or upload new proofs.


Other Updates and Resolved Issues

  • When assets are uploaded, whitespace immediately before file extensions will now automatically be removed. This ensures that files with the same filename upload as versions rather than new files.

  • The issue with selecting the last 12 months as a date range when creating an Insights chart and the date range not including the current month has been resolved.

  • The issue with users seeing assets in global collections in search results previews that they do not have permission to view has been resolved. Users now only see assets they have permission to view in the global collection preview.

  • The issue with Zapier uploads from Dropbox not going into global collections has been resolved.