If downloads are allowed by the portal creator, a download option is indicated for assets and collections in an asset section. Download assets individually or all the assets from the section.

You may need to indicate your intended use or agree to the site's policy and terms before downloading.

Download single assets

Download assets individually by clicking the download icon. If only one format is available to download, the asset will automatically download.

If the portal creator has allowed you to download multiple formats, you'll see a list of file types. Just click one or more to download.

Download all assets

If you need all the assets in the section, click Download All to download them.

Download from collections

You can download assets from collections in a portal individually or by downloading all of them. Click a collection to view the assets, then choose the ones you'd like to download.

If a collection in a portal has less than 200 assets, you can download all the assets from that portal by clicking "Download all." For collections with more than 200 assets, assets must be downloaded individually. You won't see the download all option for those collections.