Yes. There are a few permissions you will need depending on the actions you can take in Workflow.

  • Administer Workflow application: This permission is for site admins. It allows you to create and manage forms - including other people's forms, create and manage any project in the system, edit details for any project, see all projects and deliverables and edit details, and close all projects.
  • Use Workflow to review or provide proofs: Allows you to access the app and create and edit proofs.
  • Create and manage projects: Start new projects, add deliverables and reviewers, and close or upload them to the Widen Collective when they're complete.
  • Create and update request forms and approve requests: Start project requests and review any requests that are submitted.
  • Submit project requests: Send project requests to reviewers.

You can set up permissions in the Collective.

The Workflow feature must also be enabled by your Widen customer experience manager.