When projects are requested or created, designers and others can be assigned to upload proofs for deliverables and to route them. A deliverable needs at least the first version of a proof for routing to begin. Proof providers are notified by email that a proof is needed.

When you're assigned to provide a proof, add it from My tasks > Needs proof or on the project details page. Add the proof by dragging and dropping or select to upload the file. The proof will be added as a version.

Choose to update the routing information, including the timeline, reviewers, and commenters, before routing the next version.

Change proof providers

If you need to update the proof provider because project priorities have changed or someone is out of the office, you can make that change by clicking to edit the existing provider's name.

Can't add a proof

If you can’t upload a proof to project, you haven’t been designated as a proof provider or aren't the project creator.