More details about projects are available in your projects list. The list gives you high-level information about all projects, like the project number, requester, project manager, and the project's due date.

When you select a projectn from the list, you'll see a specific project's timeline and any associated deliverables. See the full timeline view, create deliverables, or add comments to the project to get your team talking. From the arrows in the upper right, page through previous and next projects and proofs to quickly see those details without losing your place in the list view.

Leave comments for those involved with the project to provide more details if you’re the project manager, or start a conversation among reviewers and commenters. Reply to, edit, and @ mention people in your comments.


A project description, project managers and creators and anyone else who can see details about the project (including any workgroups), any supporting files, and an activity stream also display on the project details page. Edit the project's name, description, or people involved.

Use the rich text editor to bold, italicize, underline, set up bulleted and numbered lists, align text (left, right, center), and create links to text in project descriptions (as well as the description for project requests and instructions for using request forms).

Project timeline

Get a bird's-eye view of a project from start to finish, along with all of its deliverables, in the timeline on each project's page. At a quick glance, get insight into what's happening with the project, including what's on track, what's falling behind, and anything that needs attention. Click a deliverable to see more details about it or click Timeline full view to see all the deliverables and their progress over their duration.

Deliverable status

Deliverable statuses (along with the review stage a project is in) are listed in the Deliverables area. Needs setup, In review, Needs proof, Past due, and Closed given an indication of what needs to happen for each deliverable. If Needs setup is listed, it means that the routing workflow for must be set up.

Deliverable details

Select a deliverable to see more details about it, including the proof and any versions, and the rounds and review stages, as well as the reviewers and commenters for each round. Take action on the page by viewing the proof, uploading or requesting new versions, moving it to the next review stage, or closing the deliverable.

See the workflow for the deliverable, too, including the review status, the number of decisions that have been made, who's made decisions and who hasn't, and the due date. A blue dot applies to active stages, while a gray circle with a dotted line applies to future stages, and a checkmark indicates completed stages. A solid blue line displays between active and completed stages. This helps give a quick visual representation so know at a glance what’s happening.