As a reviewer, you may be required to make a decision about proofs, or your feedback may be requested and you'll comment on proofs. If your decision or feedback is needed, you'll see that in your tasks in Workflow. You'll also receive email notification that a proof needs your review if you've selected that in the email preferences. Click Review proof in the email to provide your feedback.

From Workflow, go to My tasks > Make a decision to see the proofs you're required to review. Choose My tasks > Add comments to see the proofs you can comment on. If you'd like to see a larger version of the file, click the file's preview.


Approve or request changes

After you're done reviewing a proof, complete your review and choose from the available project status options, which will notify the project creator of your feedback.


The available project status options are:

  • Approve. Select this status if the proof is okay as is or if you have comments on the proof, but don’t need to see it again.

  • Approve with edits. Select this status when you've indicated changes in a proof and want to see it again.

  • Request changes. Select this status if there’s a piece(s) of the proof you’ve commented on that must be changed and you want to see an updated version.