If you'd like to be notified when something happens to a project you're working on, you can choose from the available email notification options in the user settings. Want to be notified when your project request has been approved or denied? Someone mentions in you in a comment? Email notifications are available for both of those situations.

Notifications are set up using the gear icon next to your user profile.

Notifications help you track projects and proofs as they’re routed. Choose to receive different emails that notify you of tasks to complete or details about a project based on your role in a project. By default, you're notified when someone @ mentions you in a project and when your review is needed. You can opt out of receiving emails.

Emails are sent to reviewers when:

  • You’re designated as a reviewer of a proof

  • You’re mentioned in a comment

  • An updated proof has been uploaded

Emails are sent to designers when:

  • A proof is required for a new project

  • An updated proof is required

Emails are sent to project/deliverable managers when:

  • All decisions have been made on a project

  • Review of a project is past due

We'll also send a daily digest with an overview of information about projects you're managing and reviewing, and if you're a proof provider, you'll see projects that need proofs. See the dates your review of a proof is due and the number of comments, approvals, and changes requested for a proof. View and review proofs right from the daily digest emails.