A version is the number of uploads of proofs for a deliverable. The number of versions of a proof displays when you're looking at the details of a deliverable, along with the time of upload.

Current and previous versions are available for deliverables that are in review, closed, and in progress.

Project creators and proof providers can add versions and see previous versions. Reviewers can also see previous versions.

A stage of work is complete when a version of the proof gains all necessary approvals. The number of versions can vary for each project depending on which rounds and stages of review the project is in. For instance, a proof that's in the first round of stage 3 of review could be on the second version if only two uploads of the proof have occurred. Similarly, a proof that's in the first round of stage 3 could be on the seventh version if there were a number of rounds created during stages 1 and 2, resulting in seven total uploads.

All versions, including each version’s associated commentsare stored in Workflow.

Add versions

When an updated version needs to be added to a project, you can upload a new version or request one from a designer.

Next, choose to keep or update the routing timeline, set a new timeline, and add special instructions to reviewers, along with adding reviewers and commenters for the new version.

See previous versions

Click View proof on the project's page to see the full-size versions of both current (in review) and past proofs.

Switch between the current and previous versions at the top of the proof to see the proofs as well as the comments from previous versions. Note that you cannot add or reply to those comments or choose a project status for previous versions.

Request a new version

If you're a project or deliverable manager and need to request a version from a designer or coworker, click Request new version within a workflow stage, then select a proof provider and add a note if needed. (If you're a reviewer, you won't see this option.) Click Request when you're done and the request will be sent!