Workflow is a proofing tool that gives your teams visibility into project files as they go through the approval process and become distributable assets in the Widen Collective. It's designed to help you streamline the creative production and file review processes by giving you the tools to initiate and monitor projects, see projects that are in progress, view and give feedback as proofs are routed, route versions multiple times and to different reviewers, determine and report project statuses quickly, accept project work requests, maintain project momentum, and more.

With Workflow, you can:

  • Facilitate and host team communication in one location
  • See the entire lifecycle of a project in one place
  • Document your work process with efficiency
  • Manage your workload balance

Workgroup and Business tiers of Workflow also offer:

  • Workgroup management. Increase visibility of projects and deliverables within your brand, divisions, or departments with less manual work. Simply add users to a workgroup, name it, and assign that group to projects (and request forms), and those users can be made aware of project status and feedback without needing to be manually added to each project. In addition, workgroups allow users to be automatically pulled into feedback sessions when reviewers @ mention them in comments.
  • Customizable request forms for workflow management. Gather pertinent project and deliverable information, including who can approve requests submitted via the form and permissions for teams or individuals, on work request forms which can be used when proof is created to keep the project focused and on task.
  • Reusable workflow templates. Allow for automated project assignment and workflow initiation from a user's request through an approved asset's release. Workflow templates give project managers the ability to know who should be included on which projects and what the timelines need to look like.
  • On-site strategic consulting. Our workflow consultants can help evaluate your current workflow processes and provide solutions for more streamlined processes and increased efficiency.

Marketers, traffic managers, marketing managers, designers, art directors, and many others all use Workflow.