If you're a Portals admin, you can manage all the portals that have been created from the portals Dashboard. Access the Dashboard from the apps menu in your Widen Collective site.

Search for portals

All portals that you and your users have created will display on the Dashboard. With an unlimited number of portals created, finding the one you need can be challenging. However, from the Dashboard, you can search and filter for portals. Search by portal name and filter the results through various dropdown filters to find just the one — or ones — you need. You can filter the search results by portal creator(s), whether or not a portal is active or expired, as well as the type of portal, like Brand or Video.

Sort portals

You can also sort any portals that display on the dashboard. Sort by the date portals were updated, created, or by name.

Portals options

There are a number of actions you can take for each portal that's been created. Under the Options menu for each portal, you can:

Also on the Dashboard, sort portals by those you own and those you've been invited to.