When you're creating a new portal or adding assets to an existing portalyou can search for assets to include when you’re customizing the template.

Add assets or add collections in asset sections. Click "Add assets" to search for assets individually or to select all assets. Click "Add collections" to add an already-created global or personal collection from the Widen Collective to your portal. (Learn more about adding collections to portals in this article.)

Add assets

Select all assets or select individual assets to add to the portal. Check Select All at the top of each page to choose all the assets on the page. Select up to 100 assets per page. Or select all assets then deselect the ones you don't want or choose individual assets by clicking the check mark below each thumbnail.

When searching for assets to add to new or existing portals, only released and unexpired assets will display in search results.

Unreleased, expired, and archived assets will not display.