Sections allow you to separate assets into related groups, yet keep them on one portal. When sharing product launches, for example, create separate sections in one portal to highlight each product. When products are updated, just update the portal with new product sections.

To add sections, click Add section, then add either an assets or banner section. In Brand Portals, you can also add color palette and column sections. In Video Portals, in addition to assets and banner sections, you can add video sections.

Add sections as you need them or move sections by dragging and dropping. If there’s a section that no longer applies to your portal, simply delete it by clicking the trash can icon.

Assets section

Add assets or collections to asset sections within portals.

Search for assets or collections, then select the assets or collection you want to include in the section.

Banner section

Add header images to your portal using banner sections, then add text in your brand color (or any other color) to divide sections or include a call to action button that takes users to things like order forms or more information.

Further customize the banner area by choosing different fonts, font sizes, colors, and font layouts. Your Widen site’s brand colors are default colors; add other colors using the color picker.

Add banner sections between asset sections to separate content.

Color palette section

Color palette sections can be added to Brand Portals to highlight your brand's colors. Add more color palettes to the section by clicking the Add Color icon.

Column section

Column sections can be added to brand portals to lay out additional information for your portal's audience. Choose from one- to four-column layouts or 1/3 + 2/3 and 2/3 + 1/3 layouts.

After you've selected the layout, add text or images to each column, then format the text or crop the image for the best presentation on your portal. When an image is chosen for the column section, select an image size (large, medium, or small), further crop the image, or add a link to it to take users to a different website or page.

Note that if you're using IE 11 and adding text to a column, if you exit the text editor and return to edit, you won't be able to select to edit the text. Instead, delete the text area, then add a new text area to the column, enter your text, and change the text style.

Video section

There are two types of sections available in Video Portals: featured video sections and playlist sections. Add a video section, then choose from one of the available types.

Featured video

The featured video section allows you to prominently display one video, along with a corresponding title and description, for your users. Highlight a new brand or product, new employees, or how to accomplish something in the video.


A playlist section is a carousel of videos. They’ll display in Quick View when played, and you can choose to automatically play the next one in the list.