Templates are used to design portals. Currently, Standard Portals can be created using the standard template and Brand Portals created using the brand guidelines template.

Standard Portals can be used for pretty much anything. Share assets with your customers on a portal that’s personalized to their sales needs. Share a portal with people who don’t use the Widen Collective or who are in a different region, so they have the latest resources for an infographic or marketing campaign.

Brand Portals are designed to help you control brand guidelines by showcasing color palettes and typography styles alongside logos and example collateral.

Future releases will offer expanded template choices, including Video, Distributor, and Collaboration portals.

Creation Locations

Portals can be created in three ways: from the Selection panel and the Portals menu in the Widen Collective, and from the portals Dashboard.

  • To create a portal from the Selection panel, first add assets to the panel, then select Create Portal and choose a portal template to customize.
  • To create a portal from the Portals menu, choose Create Portal, then choose a portal template to customize.

  • From the portals Dashboard, click the Create button, then choose a portal template to customize.


You'll customize portal templates in the Live Editor. Any additions you make when creating a portal, like saving a title, choosing a text color, or adding assets, are automatically saved or can be saved by clicking the Save button. You can preview how your portal will look in public view (to users) by clicking the Preview button.