Portals allow you to curate a set of assets that share your marketing stories. They're the next evolution of collecting, sharing, and extending assets "beyond the library" to collaborate with your teams and connect with your customers. Share resources with your customers on a portal that's personalized to their selling needs or group brand assets, then track the assets that are viewed or downloaded.

Choose from a number of portals - Standard, Brand, Video, Channel, and Collaborative - to distribute resources, display videos, collaborate with your team, curate collections, or present brand content. (Note that Channel and Collaborative Portals have not yet been released.)

With portals, you can:

  • Customize and showcase your brand with limitless options to add text, colors, hero images, and banners
  • Create portals easily, without knowledge of HTML
  • Embed portals into existing websites where traffic already exists
  • Not have a login to the Widen Collective, but password protection is available if needed

Users do not have to have an account in the Collective to access public portals.