There’s lots of buzz and excitement around our headquarters this month as we get ready to launch Portal Experiences in our 10.1 release on June 18! Read on to see what else to expect this month.

Portals (Early Release)

For those of you waiting for our next evolution of collecting, sharing, and extending assets “beyond the library,” the early-release version of portals is now an available feature! Contact your customer success manager for access to the early-release version of portals.

The standard template with a Live Editor is included with this 10.1 release. It includes banner and asset sections you can tailor to fit your brand. Add a background image as a banner and overlay it with text. Showcase selected brand assets or multiple collections within one standard portal, and easily share the portal URL via email.

In future releases of Portals Experiences, you’ll be able to display metadata fields, download, and secure portals behind an access code or your login page. Future releases will also offer expanded template choices, including brand guidelines, video, distribution, and collaboration portals.


Other Updates and Resolved Issues

  • The issue with the engagement score displaying differently in search results and in Quick Insights has been resolved.

  • The issue with the discrepancy in the number of downloads that display in Quick Insights and in the Quick Insights export has been resolved.

  • The issue with long-text metadata fields displaying differently on Quick View and the Asset Details page has been resolved.