We're partnered with Ascedia to offer an integration with Sitecore. The integration allows you to maximize marketing efficiency by managing assets in the Widen Collective and extending them into Sitecore. Access those assets while working in Sitecore, then easily insert embed codes in your web pages. Web designers can spend more time designing by staying on their web page in Sitecore and accessing assets directly from the Collective, and you can ensure that the latest version of files are used across all web channels.

With the integration:

  • Sync assets from the Collective to the Sitecore Experience Platform and make use of Sitecore’s SEO and image manipulation tools.

  • Search for assets within the Sitecore Content Editor, then insert embed codes into web pages.

  • Maintain a central source for all your creative content in the Collective.

With embed codes, your published assets automatically update whenever they're updated in the Collective while allowing you to track views, downloads, shares, video plays, and more using the Insights app.

When a new version of an asset is uploaded to the Collective, it automatically syncs with the Sitecore Experience Platform and updates there.

The current supported versions of Sitecore are 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, and 9.0.

The browsers Sitecore is supported on are:

  • Chrome (versions 52 and 51)
  • Firefox (versions 44 and 43)
  • IE 9.0 (in native mode) and higher
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari 9.0 and higher

See our Sitecore Connector installation instructions for more details or check out our brief video to learn more.


There's a one-time implementation fee and a yearly subscription cost for the Sitecore integration. Contact your customer success experience manager to enable or disable the Sitecore Connector feature.