It’s been a busy spring around the Widen headquarters. Our staff has been hard at work on new integrations to help quickly connect your content to your brand, and made a number of other updates to the Widen Collective. Check out below for the latest and greatest this month’s release has to offer!

Sitecore Integration

We’re excited to partner with Ascedia to bring you our new Sitecore integration. With this integration:

  • Sync your assets from the Widen Collective to the Sitecore Experience Platform and make use of Sitecore’s search engine optimization and image manipulation tools
  • Search for assets from within the Sitecore Content Editor and insert embed codes into web pages directly from the Widen Collective
  • Maintain a central source for all photos and creative content


Instant Search Connector for API

The Instant Search Connector allows you to connect Widen’s API to external apps that use your assets, like Content Management Systems (CMS), marketing automation, CRM, and e-commerce tools, then search for assets in those apps using the same user interface (UI) that’s in the Widen Collective. This new functionality reduces the time needed from outside developers when connecting your assets into your other common tools.

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Other Updates and Resolved Issues

  • The Quick Insights feature has been turned on for all customers.

  • The issue with setting release and expiration dates in upload profiles has been resolved.

  • The issue with the New Activity Feed limited to 150 uploads has been resolved. The New Activity Feed will report when up to 500 assets have been uploaded.

  • The issue with archived assets not immediately being flagged as archived within the search results has been resolved.

  • The issue with download and sharing options not displaying in the Selection panel for unreleased assets has been resolved.

REST API Updates

  • The Instant Search Connector is now available. See above for those details.