The engagement score indicates how much an asset is accessed outside your site. It’s adjusted to maintain a score between 0 and 100 relative to the engagement of other assets on your site. For instance, when someone views a share link you send in an email, the view counts toward the engagement score.

You’ll see the engagement score on asset thumbnails in search results, and you can search and sort by engagement score to find the assets that have the highest scores. An asset’s engagement score can also be viewed in Quick Insights and its exports.

Engagement scores are calculated from downloads, embed code views, share link views, and social network shares relative to other assets in the last 30 days.

To further break it down:

  • For each download, embed view, share view, and social share, we count the asset's total.
  • We'll then compare that total to the asset with the highest total of downloads, embed views, share views, and social shares on the site. That gives a percentile.
  • Next, we add the percentiles.
  • Last, we divide the percentile by the asset with the highest total sum, which results in the engagement score.