Using Quick Insights, you can quickly see data about an individual asset, including how much the asset is being used, how it's being used, where it’s being viewed, and who is engaging with it outside of your site. Quick Insights helps you and your colleagues in marketing or content creation answer important questions about your assets and helps you understand your content better.

When you open Quick Insights, a chart with data will be shown. Choose a date range and view, 
export chart details, or select Quick Insights (asset insights) tiles to see data for a specific activity.

Date ranges

By default, charts show engagement data from the last 30 days. Date range options are relative, meaning that only pre-determined ranges can be selected. As you select new date ranges, the Quick Insights chart and tiles update to reflect data for the new date range.

Select from a number of different date range options.

Date Range
Data for today.
Last 7 Days
Data for the past seven days, including today.
Last 30 Days
Data for the past 30 days, including today.
Last 6 Months
 Data for the past six months, including today.
Last 12 Months
Data for the past 12 months, starting with the last full day of the last full month and going back 12 months. For example, searching for Quick Insights on June 3, 2016, will show data for June 1, 2015 - May 31, 2016.
Month to Date
Data for the current month, including today.
Year to Date
Data from the beginning of the year (January 1) to today.


Sorting of search results by Quick Insights will only use counts for the last 30 days for the sort order. Quick Insights tile counts and search result order may not align if the date range in Quick Insights is not set at the default of last 30 days.

If you’ve previously looked at Quick Insights, the site will remember the last date range, view, and tile you selected and display that information in the future.

Chart details

To see details about a chart, click the Data button. The month and count will display for each activity, with the exception of activity for embed views and intended use. Embed views list the referrer’s domain (website) and the number of times the asset was viewed on that site. For intended use, the use displays in the first column and the count of each use is in the second column.

Quick Insights data updates

Most Quick Insights data is updated in real time; however, some data is updated after approximately two hours. The following are update timeframes:

  • Site views, downloads, and orders update in real time

  • Embed views and share link views update in approximately two hours

  • Engagement is updated about every 10 minutes after an asset is downloaded or its share link or embed code is viewed or shared to a social network

Asset insights

The Asset Insights section displays smaller preview tiles with sparklines for the data. (Intended use data displays in a pie chart.) Click any tile to see a larger preview of the data, which will display in the graph at the top of the panel.

Quick Insights provides details for individual assets on these activities.

Tile Name

Calculated from downloads, embed code views, share link views, and social network shares.

The number of downloads from search results, orders, collection share pages, portals, and share links.
The number of orders that include the asset in its original and converted formats.
Embed views (for images)
The number of views of the asset embedded on websites, intranet sites, social media sites, e-commerce sites, and in emails. Embed views will only show if you have permission for the asset group.
Loads (for videos)
The number of times a video loaded when embedded on websites, intranets, social media sites, e-commerce sites, and in emails.
Share views
Number of views of the asset from a share link. Share views will show only if you have permission for the asset group.
Site views
The number of views of the asset from the Asset Details page, Quick View, and the mobile app and site.
Global collections
The number of global collections the asset is in.
Social shares
The number of posts of the asset to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
Intended use
How the asset is used after it has been downloaded. Intended use will only show if the feature is enabled.

Video Insights

In addition to asset insights details, you'll also see Quick Insights for the number of plays and how many viewers completed watching a video, as well as the average retention for video assets. These are reported when watching the video from within your site or from a share link or embed code using the embedded player.

Average retention indicates the average length of time the video was watched. The tile shows the average view duration, while the graph shows average retention. Detailed viewing behaviors, such as where users stopped the video or rewound to watch a portion over again, are also illustrated in the graph. This kind of data is powerful, because you can use it to make adjustments to the next version or change the approach on your next project.

For videos, Quick Insights provides details for these activities.

Tile Name
Count of times users press play on a video
Count of plays that were viewed until the end of the video
Average retention
Average view duration of all plays