You can gain valuable knowledge about your site and activity occurring in it by gathering data and engagement on that activity and having numbers, charts, and exports of that data to make the most out of your assets.

This article explains what’s included in Insights data and what you’ll see in exports from the Admin app that differs.

How does the amount of storage reported on my Subscription page differ from the amount listed in Insights?

It’s common for your site’s data to fluctuate, even within a given day. So you may notice some minor variations in the storage totals reported on the Subscription page and the Insights app.

On the Subscription page, the storage amount indicated is based on when we invoice you (monthly, annually, etc.) and is tied to our invoicing system, which rounds numbers in order to pass along the most favorable storage costs. Storage totals include active assets, expired assets, and deleted assets that are residing in the Pending Delete queue in the Admin app. Once assets are permanently deleted from the Pending Delete queue, they no longer count towards storage totals.

In Insights, the storage amount reported is taken at midnight the previous night. It's the raw number taken directly from the site without being rounded. Most often, the number will include a total of active, unreleased, expired, deleted, pending delete, and archived assets.

For uploads, what's the difference between what's reported in the Upload Assets export vs. Insights?

Upload reports from the Upload Assets page include data about all uploads, including uploaded assets that were deleted.

In Insights, the number reported includes only uploaded assets that have not been deleted.

For the number of orders, what's the difference between what's reported in the Order Administration export vs. Insights?

An order is created when you send one or more assets to someone. A download occurs when you download one or more assets from an order or when you download a single asset to yourself.

Export reports from the Order Administration page include data about all orders, including individual assets that were downloaded. In a sense, the order export shows you orders and downloads in the same report.

In Insights (Shares > grouping by source details and share type of orders), the number reported includes only orders sent to others. Downloads to yourself are not counted. That means any orders you create are showing orders only and nothing more.