Below is what is new and updated in the Widen Collective for our 9.5 release in February 2016. Your Widen Collective site was updated January 30, 2016.

Configure Dashes and Underscores as Delimiters

Admins can now choose to use dashes and underscores as delimiters in searches. Contact the Widen Support Team to configure either of those as delimiters.

Note that, by default, the underscore is a delimiter, but the dash is not.

New Supported File Type

The Widen Collective now supports Keynote presentations with the .key file extension.

Enable or Disable Access to the Mobile App

Admins can now choose to enable or disable access to the mobile app by contacting the Support Team. Access to the mobile app won’t be removed for anyone currently using it. Instead, references to and information about installing the mobile app will be removed from the Widen Collective app.

Other Updates and Resolved Issues

  • The issue with hidden dependent metadata fields being searchable has been resolved.

  • The issue with the scroll bar not displaying when selecting conversion formats to download has been resolved.

REST API Updates

  • A new API endpoint that returns the site's entire category structure, including categories without any assets and subcategories, in one call is now available

  • The correct KB size value is now returned in asset details