When setting up your Widen Collective site, you may consider using a vanity URL for easier user adoption or to align with any of your other websites. In the case where you want to use your current domain, it can be set up as a vanity URL or a vanity URL redirect.

In addition to a vanity URL, we offer a standard URL option for new Collective sites. The standard URL is https://clientname.widencollective.com. “clientname” is customized to your company’s name or any other name you choose.

For vanity URLs and URL redirects, SSL certificates must be registered with the URL. We can own and manage the SSL certificate and domain on your behalf or your company can own and manage the certificate and domain. For maintenance purposes, it's recommended that we own and manage the certificate.

Vanity URLs

If you do not wish to use the standard URL, you can opt for a vanity URL that is not redirected to the standard URL. Vanity URLs consist of a host name (either with "www" or without), a domain name, and, if applicable, a subdomain. You choose the host name, domain name, and subdomain. Generally, most site URLs include only host and domain names.

Domain names must be unique and cannot be any name that already exists on the Internet. If we own and manage the SSL certificate and domain on your company's behalf, you'll provide the name to us for registration. If your company owns and manages the certificate and domain, your IT department can register the domain with a registrar, like DreamHost, GoDaddy, or Network Solutions. Any registrar can be used. You or your IT department must register the domain name before a host name is chosen.

After you register the domain name, choose any host name.

An example vanity URL is www.customerimagegallery.com. In this example, “www” is the host name and “customerimagegallery.com” is the domain name.

If your company owns and manages the domain, after the name has been registered and a host name chosen, your IT team will set up the host and domain names on your company’s domain name system (DNS) server and order the SSL certificate. The certificate includes the host and domain names you chose.

Vanity URL Redirects

A vanity URL redirect will redirect users who enter a vanity URL to the standard URL of clientname.widencollective.com. In the browser, users will notice that the URL they entered will automatically change to the new URL when redirected.

An example vanity URL redirect would be customerimagegallery.com redirecting to customerimages.widencollective.com.

SSL Certificates

If we own and manage the SSL certificate, it can be set up so that the URL works with or without a host name.

If you want to use only a domain name for the URL (e.g., customerimagegallery.com), we must own and manage the certificate.

The exact host and domain names must be indicated on SSL certificates. If a host name is used and your company owns and manages the certificate, for technical reasons, the URL indicated must be the URL used for the site. For example, if www.widen.com is chosen, www.widen.com must be entered to access the site. If widen.com is entered, users will receive an error.

Contact your customer experience manager with questions about standard or vanity URL options and SSL certificates.