Below are commonly asked questions about Zapier.

How are videos uploaded with Instagram and Zapier handled in the Widen Collective?

Using Widen’s integration with Zapier, you can quickly upload images and videos to the Collective from Instagram. Instagram settings, however, do not differentiate between the two. If a video is uploaded from Instagram, but the upload from Zapier is set to upload as an image, a single-frame image will display in the Collective.

If an image is uploaded from Zapier, but the upload in Zapier is set to upload as a video, the asset may not upload to the Collective or it will display in the generic binary file format.

Are files synced between Zapier and apps?

Files are not synced between apps and Zapier. For instance, if you've created a zap between Zapier and Google Docs and make updates to a Google Doc, the file will not be synced, and therefore not uploaded to the Collective. You'll need to create a new Google Doc that includes the updates, which will then be zapped to the Collective.

Besides Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive, what are other apps can I create zaps to the Collective from?

Zapier is continuously adding apps you can integrate with and create zaps from. Some of the newer apps available to zap to the Collective are WordPress, OneDrive, and SugarSync.