Downloads of files to third parties, such as print vendors, can be streamlined by the use of order profiles. If you have permission, you can add assets to the Selection panel, then download and select the appropriate order profile, which will automatically send the assets to the third party listed in the profile. This creates efficiency in the ordering process for items that will be printed for external events, like trade shows and conferences, or for things like employee business cards and sales brochures.

Note that order profiles can only be accessed when you're downloading assets from the Selection panel, not when downloading assets from search results, Quick View, or the Asset Details page.

Collective admins can contact the Widen Central Support team to set up order profiles. When working with the Support team, please provide the following:

  • Order profile name (required)
  • Order profile description
  • Delivery method
  • Conversion format(s) the profile should apply to
  • Role(s) that can use order profiles

Order profiles can also include the third party’s email address and any special instructions for the printer so assets can be automatically sent to the printer when the profile is selected. For example, if you'd like to download a PDF, an associated order profile for PDFs is listed. Select the profile and the PDF will be automatically sent to the printer according to the specifications of the profile.


After download is complete, the order pickup page will display and you'll receive an email with a list of assets ordered, along with the order details.

Metadata types

A custom metadata type can be set up that's specific to each order profile. For example, for a print-specific order profile, metadata fields for quantity, stock, and additional details can be set up and required to be completed. Admins can create metadata types in the Admin app by clicking Metadata types under Search Settings in the left navigation.