Insights dashboards display charts of site and engagement data. If you have permission, you can create and edit dashboards and charts. Anyone with permission to access Insights can view the available dashboards. Dashboards cannot be made private.

Multiple dashboards that display different types of data can be created. There is no limit to the number of dashboards that can be created. Dashboards can be deleted, but one dashboard will always display.

If there are more than two dashboards on your site, click the Dashboards menu to access a particular dashboard.

Dashboards can be shared with others by copying the URL and sending that to anyone with a login to the Widen Collective.

Charts on dashboards can be rearranged and resized to display in a certain order or location or to see a chart’s data in a larger format. To rearrange, select the move icon, then drag and drop into the new location. To resize, drag from the bottom right to expand or decrease or drag the bottom to lengthen or shorten.

Charts are sized smartly on dashboards based on the content included.

To see a chart in a larger, more detailed format, click the magnifying glass (view) icon. An overview and details about data from the chart display below it in a table named with the data that's displayed. Data in the table can be exported to a CSV file if you have with the Export Analytics Reports permission, and past exports can be accessed from Exports at the top of the page.

Create dashboards

If you need to add a new dashboard to get other data that hasn't yet been collected for your site, click Create dashboard.

An empty dashboard will display with a default name of New Dashboard. From there, give your dashboard a name, then create new charts or add existing charts.

Copy dashboards

When a dashboard’s data needs to be updated or when you prefer data structured in a certain way, copying an existing dashboard can be beneficial. To copy, click Copy dashboard to duplicate content from one dashboard to a new dashboard.

Note that when chart updates are made on the new dashboard, the chart will also be updated on the original dashboard.

Preconfigured dashboards

To give you an idea of the type of data can that be obtained using the Insights Application feature, we have preconfigured dashboards with charts of data for your site. Charts can be added to preconfigured dashboards, and you can edit, move, and delete charts on preconfigured dashboards.

These dashboards have been preconfigured:

  • Asset Engagement charts display data about asset performance and unique asset engagement patterns, helpful for brand managers and creatives. Things like daily shares and downloads, intended use for downloaded assets, and embed views by location are included.
  • Compliance Insights charts display data about intended use for downloaded assets, intended use by downloader email, downloads by asset group, and uploads by upload profile.
  • Site Metrics charts display data about various site activities like daily uploads, downloads, shares, views of assets, user logins, and asset and user counts, helpful for Collective admins.
  • Site ROI Insights charts display data about logins, uploads, and downloads by year, user count by roles, and downloads by user for the year, helpful for marketing and IT managers.
  • User Activity Trends charts display data about the total number of users; searches users performed, as well as logins, views, uploads, and downloads that day; the number of logins, searches, and uploads in the last six months, and the number of users by role.
  • User Engagement charts display data about daily logins, uploads, shares, and views of assets, and uploads by asset group.