We follow an Agile software development process, which allows us to manage the design and build activities for software apps in a highly flexible and interactive manner. Our development teams self-organize and collaborate, create features and enhancements to the software, listen to customer feedback, and make changes as feedback is received. The process repeats until the team is ready to deliver a final product during a two-week internal development cycle.

During the two-week cycle, changes are made to the Widen Collective. Those changes can be small or large. When the product is ready for use, results are delivered to you in two-week release cycles.

Keep an eye on our product roadmap for the Collective, the API, Workflow, Templates, and Assets to see the ongoing process and to give us direct feedback. Items in the "To Be Prioritized" column are topics we're currently investigating. Your input will help us determine the priority and functionality of features and other updates.

We document changes made to the Collective in our change history and in release notes if additional detail is needed. Support articles throughout this Resource Library are also updated as needed.

Below is a calendar that includes our future release dates. Feel free to add it to your own calendar by clicking the +Google Calendar icon in the lower right, and you'll have the latest information at your fingertips.