You can request that users who have ordered or received assets that will be expiring in the next six months be sent an automatic email notification with a list of those assets. The email, sent for security purposes, informs recipients that assets they have received should no longer be used in new marketing materials and/or advertising and that there is no need to remove images in printed collateral or electronic media that was created and distributed prior to the email date. It also lists the assets that will be expiring in the next six months and their expiration date, along with a link to a PDF of all expiring assets.

Emails for assets expiring within six months will be sent six months before expiration and again one month before expiration. You can contact the Widen Central Support Team to request your users to begin receiving these notifications or to change the intervals at which your users are notified of expiring assets.

System messages

In addition to the email notification, a system message displays for all users with a link to the PDF that shows all the assets that will be expiring in the next six months as well as links to asset details. The link in the system message automatically updates each month and also automatically download the PDF when users click to view it. Any user can access and download the PDF, but only the assets the user has permission to view are included.