Yes! You can review details about site Uptime report page under Global Settings in the Admin app. The page provides you with detailed information about site uptime and outages that can be reported to key management and in compliance reviews.

Yearly and monthly site uptime percentages and downtime events that have occurred on the site within the past 30 days display on the Uptime Reports page. Uptime is the amount of time a site is available, including planned downtime where customers are notified about the downtime. Downtime is reported when a site is unavailable for 50 seconds or longer, whether planned or unplanned.

Yearly site uptime percentage displays in a graph with the most recent month listed on the right. The percentage includes planned and unplanned site outages and is determined by subtracting downtime from uptime. Planned downtime events are included in the uptime percentage.

The overview provides uptime percentages for unplanned downtime for the last 30 days and the yearly average.

Uptime and downtime events that have occurred on the site, including the total downtime by date, are listed in the Recent Events table. Planned and unplanned site outages are indicated in the Notes column.