In the Refine Search area of the Widen Collective, you can choose the fields that appear and the order they appear in for your users. For instance, if metadata is most important for helping your users quickly find the assets they need, metadata filtering options can be shown before any other filtering options. Or if file types are a preferred searching method, that filtering option can be shown before other options. It's really up to you and what works best for your site and your users.

You can also choose to not have refine search filters display. If searching document text or for assets with attached documents isn't done at all, you can choose to have those fields not display in the Refine Search area.

Here are the fields that can be reordered and shown (or not) to your users:
  • Animation: Find animated GIF files.
  • Asset status: Find released, unreleased, and expired assets.
  • Attached documents: Find assets with attached documents, such as release forms and licenses.
  • Categories: Find assets by relevant child categories.
  • Collections: Find personal, shared, and global collections.
  • Comments: Find assets with public comments.
  • Document search: Search document text for search terms entered in the quick search. If you choose to display it, the search document text filter can only appear at the top or bottom of the refine search area.
  • File types: Find PDFs, videos, documents, images, and compressed archives.
  • Metadata: Find assets with specific metadata. Metadata fields can be further filtered in refine searches.
  • Orientation: Find assets by horizontal, vertical, or square layouts.
  • Ratings: Find assets that have been rated from one to five stars.

You can also choose to have child categories and metadata sorted in the refine search.

Sort child categories by:
  • The highest number of results (i.e., child categories with the most assets included display before child categories with fewer assets)
  • Child category order (i.e., child categories display alphabetically)

Sort metadata by:
  • The highest number of results (i.e., metadata fields with the most assets included display before metadata fields with fewer assets)
  • Admin order

Contact the Widen Central Support team for help customizing the Refine Search area in your site.