A dependent metadata field is a field that's tied to another metadata field. When one parent field is completed, the dependent child field must also be completed. Only certain types of metadata can have dependent metadata.

You can set up parent metadata fields and child dependent metadata fields on the Metadata types page under Search Settings in the Admin app of the Widen Collective. Parent fields must be dropdown fields. Dependent fields can be any type of field (checkbox, numeric, text), except for dropdown fields. Dependent fields display only if you select a specific value in parent fields.

A parent field can have multiple dependent fields. For example, a parent dropdown field could be Product Brand Name. Four corresponding child dependent fields could be Product Description, Product Type, Manufacturer, and Product Size.

If you select Graphic/Layout in the asset type parent field in the example below, a Graphic/Layout Type dependent field displays. If you choose something other than Graphic/Layout in the parent field, a different dependent field displays. In this case, it's Logo Type.

Find more information about metadata field formats in this article.

Graphic/Layout parent and dependent fields

Logo parent and dependent fields

One of the most common uses for dependent metadata is for licensing of assets and rights management restrictions. The parent field can indicate if licensing restrictions apply, and if "yes" is chosen, the dependent field displays to allow users to indicate the specific restrictions.

You can refine searches by dependent metadata fields if you enable the Show Dependent Metadata Fields in Refine Search feature on the Features pageDependent fields must be marked as "available" in the Search Filter option for a metadata type on the Metadata types page in the Admin app to display in refined searches.

Create dependent metadata fields

To create dependent metadata fields:

  1. Go to the Admin app.
  2. Click Metadata types under Search Settings in the left navigation.
  3. Select a metadata type or click Edit Fields.
  4. Click Create field, enter a field name, then select the dropdown list option.
  5. Under "Does this field have dependencies?" select Yes. You'll create values in the next step and then assign dependencies to those values.

To create list values for a metadata type:

  1. Click Edit by List Values.
  2. Enter a value and click Add. The values display as you add them; you can sort them so they display alphabetically or drag and drop them to reorder.
  3. Click Done when you've added all the values.

After you're done, you'll assign previously created metadata fields as dependent fields. They'll display after the parent field on the Metadata types page in the Admin app.

To assign dependencies, click Assign Dependencies for the values you've just created. You'll see a list of metadata fields that have been created and their dependency status. Select the fields you want as dependent fields for the values you created. For example, for the Photo value, employee name and source are dependent fields. Those will need to be completed when Photo is selected in the Asset Type field. If you need additional values, like Copyright/Credit, click Not Selected. That will change to Selected and will be a dependent field for the Photo metadata field.