Every asset in your Widen Collective site is assigned one metadata type during the upload process. The metadata type determines the combination of metadata fields available. Metadata fields and dependent metadata fields assist users in searching for assets in your site.

You can create metadata fields, editing existing fields, and choose to have fields display in the refine search so users with permission for an asset group can quickly find what they're looking for. Metadata fields can also be required, meaning certain users can't view those assets until the required fields are completed.

Access to view and edit metadata is based on permissions. Enable the Edit Assets' Metadata, Type and Preview for the asset group for users to view 

and edit metadata, metadata types, and previews.

Create metadata fields

Metadata types are created before metadata fields. To create metadata fields:

  1. Go to the Admin app.
  2. Click Metadata types under Search Settings in the left navigation.
  3. Click Edit Fields for the metadata type. 
  4. Click Create field to add a metadata field that doesn't currently exist. To select an existing field, click the Add Existing Field dropdown and choose a field.
  5. Name the metadata field and select a field type.
  6. Click Create.

After you've created a metadata field, you'll see additional settings to configure for the field. Configure permissions for editing or for how users can see the field when searching. Fields are permissioned based on a user's role, not on the metadata type.

To configure field settings:

  1. Click View and determine the users who can see the metadata field. Options include no, which means no one will see it; yes, which means everyone will see it; or permissioned, which allows you to select the roles that will be able to see it.
  2. Click Edit and determine the users who can edit the field.
  3. Click Required and determine if the field is required.
  4. Click Quick Search and determine if the field will be searched when using the quick search.
  5. Click Sort and determine if the field should display in the sort options in search results.
  6. Click Predictive Search and determine if the field should display for predictive searches.
  7. Click Search Filter and determine if the field can be used in the Refine Search area.
  8. Click Selected in Advanced Search and determine if the field can be a selected option in the advanced search.
  9. Enter any help text to display if users hover over the Help icon.
  10. Click Save.

If your site has dependent fields, click the Edit link to create list values that display as dependencies.

Edit metadata fields

If there's been a change to your metadata, the fields can be edited. To edit metadata fields:

  1. Go to the Admin app.
  2. Click Metadata types under Search Settings in the left navigation.
  3. Click Edit Fields for a metadata type, then make any updates needed. The display name, adding or deleting values to controlled vocabulary fields, requiring a field be completed, adding to the sort option and setting as refined filters, if appropriate, can all be updated.
  4. Click Save.

Delete metadata fields

If you need a metadata field deleted, contact the Widen Central Support team. Before fields are deleted, we recommend that you ensure the field is no longer in use.

Reorder how metadata fields display

To see all of your available metadata fields easily, you can reorganize the order in which they display by dragging and dropping the gray bar with the field name into the preferred order. Original metadata fields you've selected as dependent fields can also be reordered by dragging and dropping so they appear after the parent fields.

Required metadata fields

Assets will not be visible to other users unless any required metadata fields are completed. If there are required fields, when users upload assets and complete metadata fields, they'll see a message that indicates the required empty metadata fields that must be completed to be visible to others.

View assets with empty required metadata

With permission, users can see assets with empty required metadata. You can enable the Access Assets with Empty Required Metadata permission for users to see assets that have metadata fields that aren't completed even if assets have been released.

As an admin, you can see assets with empty required metadata through an admin task alert in your user profile or in the Asset-Related Tasks queue on the Admin Dashboard. In the alert, click Assets w/ Empty Required Fields. On the Admin Dashboard, click the Assets With Empty Required Metadata queue. Click View for the corresponding asset group to see assets without required metadata, then click an asset's thumbnail to complete the required metadata.