Conversion formats display when users with permission download assets or share them via email, from collection share pages, from portals, and in other locations.

Default conversion formats are included on your Widen Collective site when the site is created. Image, video, original format, and other formats, including compressed archives and InDesign files, are available.

Conversion formats can be added at any time by requesting them from the Widen Central Support team. You can edit conversion formats only after they have been added by the Support team.

Watermarks can be added to any conversion format. The conversion format watermark may be the same or unique to each conversion format.

Edit conversion formats

After a conversion format has been added, the format can be edited. Edit the title, description, and applicable asset types, as well as permissions. To edit a conversion format:
  1. Go to the Admin app.
  2. Click Asset conversions under Order Settings in the left navigation.
  3. Find the conversion format to edit.
  4. Click Edit to edit the title, description, or applicable asset types. Click Edit Permissions to edit the roles that can view the format or that require approval to use the format.
  5. Update the appropriate information.
  6. Click Update.

The order conversion formats display when users download or share assets can be modified by changing the number in the Reorder field or by clicking the up arrow in the conversion formats tables.