Yes! You can configure the fields that display and those that are required (or not) when users register for your Widen Collective site. Certain fields, like a user's email address and confirmation and password and confirmation, must be completed and are designated on the Registration Page Configuration table with a bullet and cannot be changed. However, other registration fields can be included on the page and do not have to be required to display.

For list value fields (dropdown, palette, autocompleter, etc.), if the list doesn't include any values, it won't display on the registration page even if the values are checked to display.

Manage registrations

You can make changes to the fields that display and are required on the registration page at any time. To manage the page:

  1. Go to the Admin app.
  2. Click Registration page under User Settings in the left navigation.
  3. Create any new fields or update existing fields.
  4. Select any fields that should be displayed or required by clicking the checkmark in each column.

If a registration code isn't displayed, users will enter the default registration code.

If a registration code is required, new users must enter the code each time and won't use the default one.

Select all fields by clicking the checkmarks for Select All at the bottom of the table.