As a Widen Collective admin, you can add and remove users from your site, search for users based on specific information, and export data about users from the User administration page in the Admin app.

As a best practice, you may want to set up a reminder to audit users at regular intervals throughout the year, especially if your site subscription has a user limit. The Insights app provides a visual picture of site use by role.

Create new users

You can create new users when you give new locations or departments access to your site or when they join your organization. To add new users:

  1. Click User administration under User Settings in the left navigation.
  2. Click Create user.
  3. Complete any required information, including the user's email address and first and last name. Choose the roles the user should be in as well as if the user or their password should expire in a certain number of days. Set a password for them to log in with (they'll be required to change it after they first log in) and check Send email notification so they'll be notified when their account has been created. Note that when setting a password, you can reuse the same password for every user you create.
  4. Click Create.

Edit user information

Edit details about a user, their roles, or password settings by clicking Edit on the User Administration page. Change information for users individually by clicking Edit for a user or in a batch by checking the box next to multiple usernames, then clicking Edit. You can also edit default user settings.

When editing in a batch, update the date the user's account should expire or the number of days their passwords will expire in, roles, and any preferences.

Expire users

When editing users, you can set an expiration date for when a user or users should no longer be able to log in to your site. Note that expired users are considered users and count against the total number of licenses for your site. You'll want to delete expired users so they're not counted against the number of licenses.

Past engagement with assets, including the asset history and insights data, will still be included in the site for expired users.

If you use a single sign-on (SSO) for users to access the Collective, you'll see shortened user settings on the User Administration page and will need to expire and delete users through the SSO.

Advanced search for users

With the advanced search option on the User administration page, you can easily search for users by things like country, email, last login date, name, registration code, and role. To perform an advanced search to find users with specific information from the User Administration page:

  1. Click Advanced.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the desired search field on the left. To help narrow the search further, select multiple boxes to search more than one field.
  3. Click Search.

Export user data

You can also create an export of all order details for orders listed on the User Administration page or from the advanced search for users. Up to 20,000 rows of user information can be exported.

After you create an export, click the link in the notification to be taken to the Exports page to download the export when it's available. If you've enabled alerts and email notifications, you'll receive notification when the export is ready. To review and sort data, download the export and open the file.

To export all user details, click the Export button on the right side of the page.

Name the export, then click Export.

To export from the advanced search, select the information you want to see in the export, complete the requested details, then click Search.

Click the Export button to export advanced search results.