There are a number of ways you can determine who uploaded assets to your Widen Collective site and the upload profiles those assets belong to.

You can determine the date assets were uploaded, as well as other details about uploads, by:

  1. Going to the Admin app.
  2. Clicking Upload Assets under Upload Settings in the left navigation.

Tables with filenames of conflicted and recently uploaded assets will display. Sort recent uploads by your uploads, all uploads, or by upload profile. You'll also see the upload status, release date, upload profile used, upload date, and the user who uploaded the assets and can edit, archive, or delete uploaded assets from within the tables.

You can also upload assets via the Upload Wizard from the Upload Assets page.

Search for Uploads

Enter a search term in the quick search on the Upload Assets page to search for uploads of a specific asset. From search results, you can archive, edit, and delete uploads.

Advanced Search for Uploads

Using the advanced search option on the Upload Assets page, you can easily search for uploaded assets by filename, status (erred, conflicted, processing, complete, validating, deleted), date uploaded), or by the user who uploaded them. To perform an advanced search for uploaded assets from the Upload Assets page:

  1. Click the Advanced Search.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the desired search field on the left. Select multiple boxes to search more than one field.
  3. Click Search.

Export Upload Data

You can also create an export of all upload details for uploads listed on the Upload Assets page or from the advanced search for uploads. Up to 20,000 rows of upload information can be exported.

After you create an export, click the link in the notification to be taken to the Exports page to download the export when it's available. If you've enabled alerts and email notifications, you'll receive notification when the export is ready. To review and sort data, download the export and open the file.

To export upload details, click the Export button on the right side of the page.