Search for and review past orders, export order data for further analytics and reporting, extend an order to any date in the future, or expire an order immediately on the Asset orders order administration page in the Admin app. You can also perform an advanced search for orders.

A list of the most recent orders displays on the page, too. The order number, sender and recipient email addresses, order and expiration dates, delivery method, status, number of assets from the order that have been downloaded, and the number of assets in the order also display. Click the order number to see assets in or the title in the table to sort by the order information most relevant to your needs.

Search for orders

Enter a search term in the quick search on the Order Administration page to search for orders with a specific asset. From the results, you can re-order assets in active orders by clicking Select, expire the order immediately, or extend the order to any future date. For expired orders, click Select to add assets in the order to the Selection panel to re-order them.

Review orders

To see an order's details, click the order number. The Order Details page includes order pickup information and the order pickup link if the order is still active, as well as the order's intended use, recipient and sender information, and a list of assets in the order. Click the Show All in Search Results link in the upper right of the page to see larger previews for assets in the order.

You can also expire or extend the order from the Order Details page. An order can be extended to allow users a longer timeframe to download assets or set to expire immediately to stop users from downloading assets.

Advanced search for orders

With the advanced search option on the Order Administration page, you can easily locate orders by such things as conversion format, filename, order date, and order number. To perform an advanced search to find orders with specific information from the Order Administration page:

  1. Click Advanced.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the desired search field on the left. Select multiple boxes to search more than one field.
  3. Click Search.

Export order data

You can also create an export of all order details for orders listed on the Order Administration page or from the advanced search for orders. Up to 20,000 rows of order information can be exported.

After you create an export, you'll be taken to the Exports page to download the export when it's available. If you've enabled alerts and email notifications, you'll receive notification when the export is ready. To review and sort data, download the export and open the file.

To export all order details, click the Export button on the right side of the page.

Name the export, then click Export.

To export from the advanced search, select the information you want to see in the export, complete the requested details, then click Search.

Click the Export button to export advanced search results.