As a best practice, we recommend that you upload the highest resolution file format to the Widen Collective. Assets will automatically be converted to the formats you choose when you download or share them.

These are the recommended high-resolution files that you can upload:

  • AI
  • Audio
  • DNG
  • JPG
  • Microsoft Word
  • PDF
  • TIFF
  • Video
  • ZIP

Previews are automatically created for most supported file types, but full-length previews aren't automatically created for PowerPoint and PDF files over 250 MB in size.

These file types, while supported, aren't considered best-practice files to upload because they may be limited by quality, file sizes, and metadata support, and may slow website load times while using additional bandwidth:

  • BMP
  • Camera raw image metadata
  • EPS
  • GIF
  • PNG