They can! Up to three unique end-user license agreements (EULAs) can be created for your Widen collective site.

EULAs can be used in these areas:

Each EULA location can contain unique text.

See our sample EULA for anyone who's accessing the Collective for the first time.

EULA at Login

EULA at Download

EULA on a Collection Share Page

Create and Edit EULAs

Global admins can create new EULAs or modify existing EULAs. To add and edit EULAs:

  1. Go to the Admin app.
  2. Click EULA Administration under Global Settings in the left navigation.
  3. Select the EULA location.
  4. Add EULA text in the window. Markup help text elements are available on the right.
  5. Click Preview to see the text before it's published or Submit to publish the text and make it visible to users.

To edit a EULA's text, click Edit for the EULA location. Markup help and text elements are available. Click Preview to see the EULA or Submit after changes are made.

Note that if you make edits to the EULA for when users first log in, all users will be prompted to accept the new version.

View and Hide EULAs

Remove EULAs from user review by clicking Make Hidden. Click Make visible to make the EULA available to users again.