If you require approval for users to download assets, the Download button will display only in the Selection panel, not in asset thumbnails in search results. Users should add assets to the Selection panel and use the options there to obtain approval from you.

You can review and approve download requests before the assets are downloaded. Approvals of downloads may be required for the following:
  • A specific set of assets (i.e., assets in specific asset group)
  • A specific sets of users (i.e., users in a specific user role)
  • A specific format type (i.e., assets in Photoshop format or other format specified)
  • A specific quantity of downloads at a single time or designated over a certain period of time

You'll receive notifications of pending downloads that require approval. From the 
user-related tasks queue on the Admin Dashboard, you can access the Unapproved Orders queue and review and approve downloads before a pickup link is emailed to recipients.

You can set up restrictions on certain files or the number of files that are downloaded for users or sent to recipients. If a download requires approval, you'll receive a notification and make a determination about the request.