Roles and asset groups are the primary mechanisms for securing assets within the Widen Collective. They govern who has what kind of access to which assets.

As a Collective admin, you'll assign all users into one or more roles. A role represents a group of users that have the same access to assets. You'll assign specific permissions to each role.

You'll also assign assets into one or more asset groups. An asset group is a combination of assets that share common permissions. Users interact with assets based on asset group permissions.

Find more information, including example roles, asset groups, and permissions, in the Role and Asset Group Security document.

Create asset groups and roles

We recommend drawing out your asset groups and roles, then adding them to your Collective site. To get started with determining asset groups and roles you'll need:

  1. Create a list of names of users in your organization who will access the site. Consider individuals who have emailed to request logos and marketing materials.
  2. Create a list of assets that are included in the site. Types of assets could be press guidelines, logos, department pictures, sales brochures, or promotional videos. Consider assets that are often requested by colleagues or vendors and if those assets are used in certain documents.
  3. Create a list of asset groups based on the types of assets and how users will access them. Some people may need access to everything, such as downloading or editing. Others, such as partner companies or agencies, may only need to browse for assets.
  4. Create a list of roles for users. To determine the roles that need to be created, consider the users and how they are alike in regards to the types of assets they will need to access. A variety of roles can be set up depending on which users will access the site.
  5. Assign assets into asset groups based on the type of asset. Draw arrows from asset names to appropriate asset groups.
  6. Assign users to roles. Draw arrows from user names to role types.
  7. Assign roles to asset groups. Draw arrows from asset groups to appropriate roles.